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Episode Review: The Bank Shot Job

The fifth episode of season one kicks off with our team wrapping up at the end of a successful job, the con’s over, Nate has the money, all he has to do is walk out... or at least that’s the plan. It’s just too bad a pair of bank robbers get in the way. Of course, this is Leverage - a show which revels in subverting the expectations of the viewing audience. Nothing is ever quite what it seems and it’s not a huge surprise when the ‘bank robbers’ turn out to be the start of another job, the difference this time being that the ‘kids’ – Eliot, Parker and Hardison – are in control and get the chance to prove that they can do more than just follow orders.

This episode has an interesting concept – flipping the script and leaving our mastermind out of control (and by the end out of contact) should bring the other characters to the fore in new and exciting ways. However, this is the fifth episode (to air, it’s actually listed eighth on the DVD release) and by now the characters are well-established in the viewers eyes. Perhaps the most positive thing to say about it is that, from a narrative perspective, the characters (especially Parker) get to recognise their worth not just as individuals or mindless automatons – but as valuable and valued members of a team.

Overall this is a decent episode, in this reviewer’s opinion. Not amazing, but by no means terrible.

Star Rating: ★★✰✰✰

Quote of the episode: “Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.”

Pics of the episode:
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