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White Knight Awards 2012

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in getting this out there, unexpected trips away kinda screwed with my plans over the last couple of weeks. (Who knew getting a life could be so complicated?!)

Ideally I'd like to have voting started asap on the White Knight Awards site, however there are a few categories that only have one nomination. While that wouldn't normally be a problem as I could simply carry that category forward to the next round, one of the categories is for New Author, which I simply *can't* postpone voting on that for 12 months.

So, nominations are going to remain open until at least Monday (8th October). Noms in all categories are of course welcome, but specifically I'm hoping to fill out the following:

New Author
Het Author
Crazy Whirligig of Fun (comedy fic)

Thanks all!
Tags: white knight awards, wka
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