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14 December 2012 @ 09:55 pm
My Birthday Wish-Fulfilment Meme-Type Thing...  
So, here it is. Yeah.


I love my flist, and a lot of my flist love each other (and not always in purely platonic ways - you know who I'm talking about here...), but I am such a fandom addict that not all of you know who anyone else on here is.

So, to try to connect you all, and to celebrate six plus 16 years since I stopped being a minor, I am hosting this wish-fulfilment type thing. Comment here telling me/us/the world what fandom things you would love to have for your very own, and then take a look through the rest of the comments and if you can fill a request, please do so!

*hugs you all*

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theron09: Captheron09 on December 17th, 2012 11:53 am (UTC)
Name/Username: Megan/theron09
Fandoms: Leverage, H50, Avengers, Inception, Teen Wolf, Psych, Supernatural (let's say up to around the end of S5), White Collar, Suits, Downton Abbey
Favourite Actors/Actresses/Musicans/Personalities: So many to name - Christian Kane, Dylan O'Brien, Jason Manns are a few
Favourite Character(s): Adam (SPN), Quinn (Leverage), Neal (White Collar), Steve Rogers, Arthur (Inception), Stiles (Teen Wolf), Derek (Teen Wolf), Isaac (Teen Wolf), Elizabeth (White Collar), Kono (H50), Danny (H50), Sophie (Leverage)
Favourite Pairing(s): Eliot/Quinn (Leverage), Stiles/Derek, Derek/Isaac (Teen Wolf), Steve/Danny (H50), Shawn/Lassie (Psych), Arthur/Eames (Inception), Steve/Tony (Avengers MCU), Eliot/Sophie (Leverage), Nate/Sophie (Leverage)
What you want (fic/art/vid/other): Anything, thanks!
Likes/Kinks/Preferences: H/C, crossovers, angst, happy endings, icons, AUs (coffee shop, college, any sort of AU really), fluff,
Dislikes/Squicks/Icks: Mpreg, non-con, deathfic
Preferred Rating: Any.