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White Knight Awards

I have two spreadsheets and a word document to help me keep track of the awards site. The first of the spreadsheets has a different page for each category and columns for the title, author, url, email address, date added to the site and a check box for whether the writer's been contacted or not.

The second spreadsheet was a later addition, when it became obvious that a few of the authors were being nominated across a wide range of categories, I compiled this sheet with a different page for every author with a column for the categories and the date they were contacted.

The word doc is really just my way of keeping an alphabetical list of the authors because I haven't worked out a quick way of doing that on the second spreadsheet.

I let a lot of the nominations sit for a while in the little "WKA - to be actioned" in my email inbox, but I spent a bit of time on Monday night going through the nominations and emails and adding them to the HTML doc so that they would be on the site at least.

I then spent the last hour updating the "nominations" spreadsheet. Got the shock of my life when I saw the last date I emailed anyone to let them know about their nominations - 28th August. That's ridiculous! I can't believe I let them sit for nearly a month before I did anything with them so, to all the people who might happen across this journal who've spotted your name or your story on the site, I'm so sorry for not being in touch. I will be as soon as humanly possible.

I'm very, very, very happy to say that the quality of the nominations is incredible and many of you guys are among the nominees! A couple of you I've already been in touch with but others are on the list to be emailed today.

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