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Cross posting fic and drabbles

Drabble for velvetwhip from the prompt "Faith, Xander, what might have been"

Title: In the Moment
Author: WhiskyInMind
Rating: Teen & Up
Fandom(s): Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Faith/Xander
Timeframe/Spoilers: unspecified time post-The Zeppo (in my head, it's during Faith's 'rocky road to redemption' prison spell)

"Is this alright?"


Various icons, mostly Hawkeye comic, issue #1


Musical inspiration fic for leverageland

Title: Find a Home
Author: WhiskyInMind
Team: Grifter
Title: Find A Home
Inspiration: Seven Nation Army
Tags: fic, icons
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