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The plagiarism nightmare continues!

Okay, so the author who removed all of his/her stories from INAP is now being hounded around the internet.

I fully understand why the people who have had sections from their stories used in this writer's stories are so upset about it. As a fic writer myself I know how much blood sweat and tears go into every single thing I write. But. It's fanfiction. By it's very definition fanfic writers' are using other people's work.

I have actually had a scene from one of my stories used by another writer, my immediate reaction was to be flattered. I view my fanfiction as a writing excercise. If someone thinks something I wrote was goof enough to copy then that's all good!

That said, if someone plagiarised my original fic I would be devasted. While I work hard at my fanfic writing, my original fic is part of me in a way that fanfic never will be.

I can't explain why there's that difference in my head. Anyways, I've lost track of what I was going to say with this post.

Plagiarism is bad.

That should cover it.
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