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Hey! I'm a grown up!

woke up this morning and realised that I should probably try to do something about getting my life sorted out a little. Tried to balance my chequebook a little and discovered that by the time I've made all my direct debit payments in a month then I have £32.11 left over to pay for petrol and food....


So I cut up all but one of my credit cards and I actually feel a whole lot better about that now. It's all sitting on my desk right now like pretty plastic confetti...

I know that sounds really random and that I might actually have lost my mind at some point over the weekend but I haven't, I'm fine, no really! I guess I just realised that I'm nearly 30, it's about time I actually did something that hinted at maybe being slightly grown-up and finances seemed to be the way. A week ago I would probably have buried my head in the sand over the fact that I can't afford to eat, but this week I'm fine with it. I know where the problems are and I can do stuff about it. Look at me, I'm a grown up!

On top of that I'm getting back to writing again, I had a burst of input from my muse at the start of the week but then it just kind of wandered off again and I've not done much since then. Today, the coffee's on, the cd's playing, the house is more or less tidy and things are back on track again. Okay, so it's a really twisted and bendy track and my train of thought keeps jumping it but hey, it's me! Would you really expect a straight-froward hitch-free ride? *g*
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