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It's really one of those bad days today

So I knew I had to go up to my sister's house at some point today to pick up my grocery shopping (long story, she bought both our stuff online to save time and money - apparently she hasn't worked out that it really doesn't save me any time since I'm the one who has to drive up to her house, load all my shopping into my car and drive back to my house where I have to unload it all. *sigh*) I told her I had a committment beofre 4 and 6 tonight so I had to be back in my house by 3:45 at the latest. Would it surprise anyone to know that it's now 5:20 pm and I've only been back home since just before 5? No? Thought not.

So, knowing that I had this commitment to _end_of_days I came barrelling into the house, fell over the child gate I have up to keep the dog out of the living room while I'm not in the house (I have cream sofas, he often has muddy paws....) banged my knee really badly and ran towards my PC. Breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that neither of the girls I'm doing the scene with were online and then (after swearing at the child gate) went to unpack the car.

Got things sorted away and sat down to check my emails when I spotted on my yahoo email that rileysaplank was online even though my YIM was showing him as offline.

Turns out my YIM's screwed up.


so we're underway with the posting now, sorry for the holdup everyone! I love my pc but every now and then I want to throw it out of my window. Does that make me a violent person?
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