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okay, so what happened to that lovely long weekend I had there? Four days I was away from work and it's gone just like that (imagine me snapping my fingers there)

Now I have to head back to the suckfest that is checking journal titles against the list of bibliographic records we're buying from this company. That was all meant to be done before I started this job, what I was supposed to be doing was doing the mop up and catching the 'maybe fifty or so' titles that had been missed. 'Maybe fifty' has turned out to be 'maybe 1000 or so'. What the hell was the person who did the job before me doing?

So now they're almost all cheked, I have to submit them all individually to the company and wait at least a month for them to provide us with the records. And deal with people complaining that they can't find the journals they're looking for because the department head decided to go ahead and launch the new programme despite the fact that it's not ready for launch yet.


Sorry for the rant, it'll mean next to nothing to most of you so feel free to ignore.
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