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Breathes sigh of relief

So I still don't know how or why, but the sites are all back up now. The host company is beng very remiss in coming forward with an explanation, hopefully it was something as simple as the server being down for a little while and not anything more. Still, I'm not exactly 100% happy with my host company so, I'm looking for alternatives. Anyone got any good recommendations that aren't too pricey? (And that have PHP and MySQL compatability)?

Edit Meme gakked from emeraldswan

You are purple. What a romantic person you are.
You're sentimental and forward-looking (those
are opposites.). You're a sophisticated and
refined--with a refind taste for chocolates and
wine (yum...). Tempermental and moody, you let
people know when you're angry. But other
times, you just sit and sulk. Alone. When
around people, you're a generous person, with
insatiable needs. You're a starving artist,
basically. You're enjoy getting into debates
over politics and religion with people of the
same intelligence of you. But you know they
can never convince you otherwise, you stubborn
person, you. As a unique person you are (not
to mention just a tad bit eccentric...), you're
well-liked by either a few people, or too many

What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

New icon - this one bycoaxme, gotta say I love that scene so much I may have to make more icons of my own from my caps!
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