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I feel human again!

So I knew yesterday that I still wasn't quite right, there was still some part of me that knew I wasn't well and was determined to make me feel as bleuchy as possible. Today? Completely, totally, entirely better.

I went out clothes shopping for Hallowe'en, hell I'm going to be at a convention, I might as well really go for it - right?

So I had a rough idea in my head that I was going to look for a black dress and do the whole cliched witch thing. Nephew and neice came along as did big sis, so she goes into this shop because she spotted something that might have worked for nephew to dress up as and since the shop was tiny I hung about outside with the buggies and was just randomly staring at the window.

It was one of those really odd shops that's not quite sure what it wants to be - it had kids clothes, it sold brownie and guide uniforms. And it sold dance and majorette outfits.

Now, some of you don't know this, but I was a majorette when I was a lot younger so a lot of the outfits caught my eye. Especially a little purple dance dress with rag type things hanging from the waist, and sparkly cobwebs all over it.

I couldn't stop myself, I bought it. It's very short, very revealing, and matches perfectly the purple witches hat and feather boa I bought from a card shop in the mall.

I'm so chuffed - I couldn't have gotten a better outfit if I'd planned it!

Plus, one of the themed nights for the convention is a Star Wars theme - I now have a lightsaber! So, going as the character I took my LJ name from - Mara Jade!
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