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I'm surprised it took this long actually

I now really, really dislike my job. When I first moved over to this role in... what was it? August? I really enjoyed it - there was something new every day. Each day was varied and the amount of work to be done meant that I never had a minute of boredom.

Now? I've just spent the past week looking for broken links on our catalogue and trying to find the proper link.

That's it.

Grunt work.

Boring as hell and irritating to boot.

There's no real need to have a grade 3 do this work, it could easily be split over a couple of grade 2s for half of their time. Absolutely nothing I'm doing right now deserves to have grade 3 status.

I'm bored. Constantly.

I want to be back in customer service, I want to be on the enquiries desk again - I was bloody good there! There were times when that job was boring, when there was nothing much to do, but there was always some way to keep ourselves amused - we found things to do. There's no chance of that though, even if a position did come up it would be at grade 2 level and it's one of the most coveted roles in the library - although oddly enough, most people don't stay there for long.

I really, really need to find a new job. Something that I actually enjoy doing maybe!
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