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not sure why, but I'm in a really good mood today! Work is still sucky, there's bugger all to do this afternoon and now I'm just going through my task list on Outlook to see if there's anything waiting for me to deal with before the start of next year and then making up things to do after that...

ho hum

but, that said, I am in a really, really good mood! Maybe it's the fact that I've got a three day week, maybe it's the fact that I'm going to a Whedon-verse convention this weekend (it was an Angel one but it seems there's a lot more Firefly cast and crew going that it looks like there's going to be on the site), or maybe it's just that life doesn't suck quite so much this week. Or maybe, just maybe, there really is speed in the water fountains at work....


I started reading a really good fic yesterday, it was an interesting premise, in character and well written. That said, I crammed another couple of chapters in this morning and they were really, really out of character. So... I'm hesitant to rec it until I've finished reading it - there is a reason the main parts might have gone out of character so quickly but I'm not sure if I buy it or not.... Anyways, I'll finish it tonight and if it recovers I'll rec it tomorrow!
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