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Damn those librarians!

Of course, it should have come as no surprise that the librarians were leading the charge. Most people think of them as all mousy and quiet and telling people to "SHHHHHH!" I'm now convinced that "shush" is just the sound of the steam coming out of their ears as they sit there plotting the revolution! ~ Michael Moore

Don't regret a single thing you mean ~ Mansun

I'm a librarian. I was brought up to be proud of my country and to always, always, always ask questions. My father was a Marxist and my mother was a monarchist, their fundamental differences of opinions never once came between them. Rather those differences encouraged me to always learn as much as I could about a subject and form an opinion based on facts. In my house, when I was growing up, ignorance was no excuse. That's possibly part of the reason I've come down this career path, my thirst for knowledge.

liz_marcs has links on her journal to an incredible video by Eminem. Mosh I've never really been a big Eminem fan, but I've always seen something like potential in him. Past the anger and bluster is someone who actually knows what he's talking about. Someone who, unlike far too many in this world, has the courage of his convictions - along with a healthy sense of irony.

I managed to find another link to the video which is a call to vote to all citizens of the US. Most sites hosting this video are swamped at the moment, may well suffer that same fate soon enough. You should watch this. No matter your nationality or your political standpoint. I'm not American, I can't vote in this upcoming election, I will be watching as the results come in because whether we like it in the rest of the world or not, this result will affect us.
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