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I'm ba-ack....

I'm still on a high from the weekend! That was so much fun - I spent an obscene amount of money and I'm lucky I didn't get paid in cash because I would have spent so much more. Yes, acrazywench and smileawhile - I would have joined in on the bidding. If I had the cash on me I'd have said screw it and pushed it to my entire wage slip just for that one thing...


I will write up a proper report a little later, once my head comes down from the clouds a little - for just now, all I'll say is, I had a blast! I am now totally a convention junkie! There were 11 guests and every single one of them was just an absolute treat!

Although, I'm thinking right now that I don't remember seeing one of them do a talk on stage. Did I miss that or did he not do one? Maybe I was getting my photos done.

Hmmm. Must dig out the schedule again to see where I was at that point!

Edit - okay, so I found out where I was, the guy did do a talk on stage but I was away hugging someone wearing the softest shirt I have ever seen... The fact that the guy wearing the shirt was a very tactile and very good looking actor didn't hurt either! (the hug was only for the photo session unfortunately...)
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