the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

looking for a little website help

Not coding really, although if anyone has a really quick five minute tutorial that'll save me spending three weeks learning php then I'll happily take that kind of help!

No, what I'm looking for right now is some suggestions for the look on Moments Lost. I've run through several themes for it so far, TruFaith (Eliza Dushku), Not Fade Away (dedicated to the finale of AtS), Anything But Ordinary (Nick Brendon), and the current one which isn't named and I've grown to hate.

Moments Lost is currently home to INAP, the WKA, a forthcoming Faith/Xander archive, a forthcoming Firefly site and by this weekend I will have the Stacks (general BtVS info) and the Archives (general AtS info) transferred over as well. Plus I have a music site which is housed on that server (or will be once I have some content there!) There is obviously a Whedon dominance on the site which explains the choice of themes so far. I'm happy to keep up with that to be honest but I'm also a little bored with the way it looks right now.

So, my question is this - what would you like to see? Graphics wise, layout wise, content wise. Give me links to sites you like, tell me what you don't like, anything. Even if you know nothing about web design you instinctively know what you like - tell me what that is and I'll see if 1) I agree, and 2) I can do it.


new icon - thanks remember_nomore
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