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muhaha! - rant and question....

Bitch boss just came back across and tried to apologise for making me stay late tomorrow. The fact I've been slamming doors and blanking her for the past hour might seen petulant but I don't actually care.

As soon as I emailed the other supervisors to say I was leaving early today she was all "oh it seems as if *nice boss* had already authorised everyone leaving." yeah right. The way it works in our department is we have three sections with two supervisors for each section. There is supposed to always be at least one supervisor from each section in the office at all times.

Bitch boss isn't in my section, so she or her junior should be here. Nice boss or her junior should be here, my direct supervisor or me should be here.

Bitch boss's junior has a half day. Bitch boss is leaving at 4. Nice boss has a half day. Nice boss's junior is a stubborn prick who will leave at 4 whether he's allowed or not. My direct supervisor's on holiday.

So I have to stay. As the only supervisor. Because that fits with department regs, honest!

So I also have a non-related question. I'm going to get my appointment for my tattoo done this lunchtime. Where should I get it? I was originally thinking at the top of my right arm, then I was thinking my shoulderblade, then I was thinking my lower back, then I was thinking my right leg above the ankle.

I don't know anymore - advice anyone?
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