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There's nothing left...

...just a shell.

I'm watching Soul Purpose again and I just had to post something about this - Fred just said "There's nothing left, just a shell" - she was talking about Angel, and how he was purposeless, but hoiw strange is that what, five episodes later, she herself has "nothing left, just a shell"?!!

Plus, there's all these hints in Soul Purpose I hadn't twigged on before - the whole quote from Jaws "Came up the Gulf Stream huh." when Fred pulls out the registration plate - think back to the Graduation Day quote "We're gonna need a bigger boat". At the time in Buffy they were talking about the emergence of a "true" demon - well guess what? So was Fred!!!!!

Okay, I'm off to watch the rest of the ep now!

We're gonna need a bigger boat...</a>
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