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Ouch! Happy, but ouch!

so I'm now very cold. I'm sitting at my desk, in a skimpy vest that I bought specifially because it was skimpy (it was part of my costume when I dressed up as Faith for Fusion). It's cold, our office is like a wind tunnel and my shoulder aches a little.

It's not sore, more kind of... tight I guess.

For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I got my first tattoo today. Yay!

Once it's healed a little I'll get a picture taken of it and I'll post it up here so you can all go "ooo!" and "aaaah!" and "What a geek!" ...


I won't lie. It hurt when it was getting done - it was kind of like having blood taken by a badly trained chimp - but it was the kind of pain that as soon as it stops you forget about it. Edit to add Not that I'm implying Kev was anything like a badly trained chimp, oh no, he was a consumate professional who was also rather easy on the eye...

Now, what to do for my next one....
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