the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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Why can't I get this cough to clear up? This is well over a week I've had it and it's still there and showing no signs of shifting at all.

Ah well, back to work then...

Horrible drive in again, it's raining so of course we get all the "can't go above 20mph" idiots on the roads. Yes, when the road surface is wet you need to take that into consideration but that doesn't mean you have to drive at 40mph under the top speed limit...

On the other hand it definitely doesn't mean you should ignore the newly introduced laws in the UK, talk on your definitely not hands-free mobile phone, miss the fact that the blue fiesta in front of you has its brake lights on and is in fact stopped, and ran into the back of said fiesta.

Yes, driver of the car with the registration plate SH02 VMX - I'm talking to you. You're damn lucky there was no damage to my car although it has to be said my neck is pretty sore, whiplash is not being ruled out right now.
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