the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

rant rant rant.....

it's been a couple of days at least since I ranted about anything so it's back to my favourite topic - the suckfest that is my job. My immediate boss has been PMSing for three days straight now and she's taking it all out on me which just sucks beyond the telling of it. I'm still not feeling 100% - in fact, I'm still not well at all - and on top of the cold that will not die, my neck's still sore from the idiot ramming into my poor little car on Monday morning. I'm trying not to take too many painkillers for my neck since I'm already taking cold & flu remedies and I don't want to completely space out so I'm a little irritable myself.


I don't take it out on the people around me at work! I just bitch to friends and get it out of my system.

L: This title **** has been submitted as a free title, we have a subscription so it shouldn't be free. Can you change that?
Me: I can't actually change it after it's been submitted. The company does check each title out and changes the information accordingly. If it's not free then they'll add it as a single subscribed title.
L: Okay, in future can you be careful about submitting it to the correct database?
Me: (swearing in my head since it wasn't me who submitted the title she's complaining about) Of course.

five minutes later:

L: Shona, there's another title that's been submitted as free - can you change it?
Me: No. The company will put it in the right database for us.
L: You really have to be careful (starts long patrionising explanation about the difference between free and subscribed journals).
Me: Yes, no problem, I'll keep an eye on it.

five minutes later:

L: This title ******* is also in as free. Can you check it goes in the correct database when it's imported?
Me: (trying to keep from rolling my eyes) Of course.

Is she going to ask me about every frelling title that's ever been submitted?! We take around 12000 electronic journals, all of those are on one list or another and were submitted to this company who are supposed to be doing our catalguing for us. I'm not going to listen to her say the same thing 12000 times!
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