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Rambles 'R' Us

well, me anyway! *g*

For the first time in a very long time, I'm using Internet Explorer to update because something's up with Deepest Sender and Mozilla right now. I feel unclean, someone get these Microsoft germs off me!

Question for everyone who's ever been caught in a traffic jam. Why is it when I leave before 7 am I get to work more or less by 8 am. But if I leave just after 7 - and I'm talking while the 7am headlines were still on the radio - I get into the library just as the Universtity clock tower's chiming 9?! A couple of minutes somehow equates to a full hour? I don't think so somehow!

*sigh* (note to self, really have to make a *sigh* icon!)

Also, you guys rock! Thank you so much bluegreensmoke and invisionary for helping me out with that media file problem I had last night! And keith5by5, show me you're a genius and I might acknowledge it!

So the files that I was trying to watch last night? Lost

My God that show rocks! I've now seen the first three episodes, I have up till nine to watch over the weekend and fingers crossed I can get 10 soon as well! engelsteorra you are living up to your name! You are a STAR!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me copies of it!

Okay, I started this post before tea break, it's now after tea break and we had a 'coffee morning' in the staff room there, free cakes! Well, actually not free, it was a quid to get in (thanks for paying my way Matt - I owe you!) and I'm now on a sugar rush 'cause I didn't eat any breakfast. I know, I'm bad. I must be punished. So I'm making even less sense than usual and my boss is away for the day.

Guess how much work I'm planning on getting through? Go on, guess...
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