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Keeping busy

It's been a very strange day today. I went to work this morning but knew as I was driving there that I wasn't up to it. Added to that was the fact that I was supposed to be leading a training session this afternoon and I just knew I had to get back home. I did manage to stick it out till mid day but at that point I'd had more than enough.

My boss was surprisingly compassionate today, normally she is the ultimate Bitch Monster From Hell but today she actually gave the impression that she cared. Of course it might have had more of a resonance if I didn't know that she's a two-faced cow...

So I get home and call my uncle to see how he's doing, he's actually doing fairly well given the circumstances but from the sound of it he's had his fill of well-wishers. So I'm giving him some space today.

I ended up doing the most normal mundane stuff - I re-watched Soul Purpose and did the topics for the BBB and ended up making a whole bunch of icons as well. I think I posted it here - didn't I?

I really want to write now, but I don't know what. I'm in a fairly maudlin mood at the moment and don't want to do anything on WaDaDM's - it's going to get angsty soon enough, I don't want to rush that.

I might actually get some work done on Destiny - it's one of my darker fics and I'm at the point where all hell's going to break loose so that could be worth a shot.

On the other hand, I did just get the next five books from Sandman which Matt (Craicbloke on the BBBFic list) introduced me to. Might give them a read...

Decisions, decisions.
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