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Why is it, whenever I get a burst of input from my muse I'm nowhere near the PC or a notebook? Or I'm drving and can't remember where I put my dictaphone?!!

Haven't been sleeping all that well recently - not much of a problem since I'm a terminal insomniac - so when it's really bad I take the car out and just drive. Feels good and usually helps my mind get stuff sorted out. Anyway, I was out last night in the car when I had this whole brainstorm about Destiny. I know where that story's going - some of the people reading it probably think they know who's Destiny is going to be decided/revealed - but do they? *weg*

Anyway, it stalled on me last year so I decided to fast forward it to a year later in the story and reveal a few things - like some of the survivors - but then it stalled again. I've written another chapter and a half since I last posted but I'm not happy with them so they aren't going anywhere at the moment. Last night I worked out the logistics, I knew how I was going to get this one character to the scene and I knew who I was going to kill off in the next part.

Of course, since I was driving, I couldn't write any of it down. And now? I can barely remember it...

Why do I this to myself again?
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