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so that's it, holiday's over. Time to go back to work, time to once again wake up at 5.20am and ask myself exactly why I do this to myself every day. Time to once again remember how much my job kinda sucks and more importantly time to remember how much I hate being there.

So this year? I will be leaving the library, I will find something that makes me not hate myself for staying in a job I hate. And, yes keith5by5 and smhwpf this is aimed at you, I will finish either Crimson Regret or What A Difference A Day Makes at some point this year (if not both, and maybe even Destiny too, you never know Sam!)

Possibly I've spent a little too long channel surfing and catching the tail end of Trinny & Susannah but I've decided to make a clean start this year - no more grungy jeans and t-shirts to work. I have two wardrobes full of 'smart' clothes that I never wear (and yet oddly nothing that's stereotypically librarian-esque, unless you count the brown tweed trousers, but they're practical and comfortable! *grin*) So not really a new me, because apart from health issues, there's not that much wrong with the old me - no, call it a whole new outlook. Someone want to run a book to see how long it lasts? (and hey, that sounds oddly like resolutions there, hang on a minute - I don't do resolutions! *g*)
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