the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Good grief my teeth hurt!

I loved Farscape, it was a very unique show that struck a chord with the cult audience at the time and grew to be well respected. It's spawned a whole range of new swear words that aren't, and it's brought about a new appreciation for Jim Henson.

I just finished watching the Peacekeeper Wars. Part two doesn't air officially in the UK until Sunday (or Saturday, I forget which) so I won't give away the ending any more than to say if you didn't need to visit the dentist before the end of this show, you will after you've seen it.

One of the core points about Farscape has always been that no character in there is perfect, they're all screwed up beyond belief, and yet they somehow manage to eake out an existence. It got a little pretentious at times, the writers played the same storyline a couple of times too many and new characters were introduced without any real foresight. That said, this was still a great show. I'm glad the writers, cast and crew got the chance to come back and finish the story, but on the other hand part of me wishes they'd left it with Crichton and Aeryn disintigrated and literally blowing in the wind.

That way there would always be an element of "maybe" about it.

Goodbye Moya and all who sailed in her.

BTW, the icon happens to be the only Farscape icon I have right now because I didn't have any caps to make others - I found some and when my writing muse again goes in a huff I may be making some new icons - it's just a funny moment from the show, not meant as offence.
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