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Lost YIM Spam

So I'm watching the latest episode of Lost and also chatting to rileysaplank at the same time. The episode finished at precisely 20:28. You can see my reaction below.

[20:26] darth_rosenberg: AWWWW!!!! the very last scene - so cute!
[20:27] rileysaplank: :D
[20:27] darth_rosenberg: well, not the last scene
[20:27] darth_rosenberg: 'cause there's another one after it
[20:27] rileysaplank: And the next episode after this one should see the return of Claire if the rumours are to be believed.
[20:27] darth_rosenberg: :D
[20:27] rileysaplank: A two week wait though. :(
[20:28] darth_rosenberg: SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!!!!!!
[20:28] rileysaplank: And stupid E4 and Channel 4. SFX confirmed that just as they were going to press it had been announced that Lost wouldn't be shown until July.
[20:29] darth_rosenberg: sorry - it just finished, I can't wait for you to see this!
[20:29] rileysaplank: Dinosaur?
[20:29] rileysaplank: :D
[20:29] darth_rosenberg: no
[20:29] rileysaplank: Awwwww :(
[20:29] darth_rosenberg: but SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS! is about the only way I can describe it
[20:29] darth_rosenberg: and the scene I thought was the last scene? So not.
[20:30] rileysaplank: Hahahahaha
[20:30] darth_rosenberg: Oh my good lord, that was a helluva way to end the show! Two week wait?!!!! Gah!!!!!

Icon by mediocrechick - this scene had me laughing so much!
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