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New England Journal of Medicine.

Pretty major journal really, our access goes down two hours ago and already I've had ten queries about it - goes to show how popular it is.

So I contact the provider to ask them why access is down and can they re-activate it asap please. Supplier phones me and says according to their records we haven't had access since 2001.

*headdesk* moment 1.

I know we've had access because I had to talk a clueless professor through getting the article he wanted last week and I actually saw the full text on my screen.

I reply saying this, we've definitely not cancelled this order, it's a title we use heavily, blah blah blah.

They reply saying, nope you definitely cancelled it in 2001.

*headdesk* moment 2.

I go through the files, through the system, through everything I can think of looking for proof of payment and I can't find a single thing. My boss has an ... interesting filing system.

So I go to check with my boss and find she's in a DND meeting (do not disturb) meeting. I think, this is a major title I need to get this fixed asap so I try the head of the department. He's in a DND meeting, presumably with my boss.

*headdesk* moment 3

So now I'm buried under the emails saying "I'm trying to get this article from NEJM and can't" and there's bugger all I can do about it....

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