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the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone


Boss structure in my job:

Head of Department
Actual person in charge
Grade 5 (my actual boss)
Grade 4 (Serials)    Grade 4 (Document Delivery)
Grade 3 (Serials) Grade 3 (E-journals etc (Me)) Grade 3(DDU)

Grade 1s&2s

So the second in charge person is fairly new - she's been here since October last year and I liked her straight away. We've just had a big staff meeting with her and I like her even more. She's listened to everything we've suggested and is implementing a lot of changes soon. Including realisin that a lot of the stuff I do on a daily basis is not Grade 3 work and can, should and will, be given to a Grade 2 to do.

The other supervisors (the grade 4's and 3's who aren't me) are not happy about that but new boss is adamant that it's happening.

Some of you know my history with this place - I used to be the grade 3 for Serials and hated it with a fiery passion. I swapped jobs in August last year to take over E-journals and other electronic resources because it made more sense to have someone who actually knows the difference between a 404 and a 500 error doing the job. Okay so my new role isn't great and I still want out of here, but it's much better than the old. I've sat and watched the new Serials grade 3 farm out most of the jobs I used to do to the grade 2s and now in the meeting she says to them "I'm going to start doing weekly spot checks on your work, just for quality control, if I have the time."

WTF?!!! I had to do daily spot checks or the grade 4 for Serials would be on me so fast my head would spin! Has this woman seriously not done a spot check since August?!! She has more time to do them than I ever did with all the tasks she's getting other people to do so what the hell is she busy with? Wonder if she has a blog... maybe that's where she spends her day...


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