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Everyone's doing it so I might as well..

And of course the instant reaction to that is always "If everyone was jumping off the Erskine Bridge would you do that as well?"


Anyway, thiis doesn't involve plummeting to a messy death in the depths of the Clyde, oh no. This involves me doing nothing and you guys doing all the work! (My kind of meme!)

Here's the deal:

1) Pick a song that you love that you want me to forever associate with you.
2) Comment and tell me what song that is.
3) If I respond and don't have the song, send it to me (through ) so I can sample some of your favorite artists!
4) Post this in your journal so you can make a mix that reminds you of the people that you love/like the most in the entire world.

Non-meme type things. I watched most of the "How to sleep better" programme on the BBC last night (or at least I did after I was reminded it was on and then found it on the channel listings - BBC Scotland had sport on) There was a 'rate your sleep' thing running through the whole programme and I played along, knowing full well that I've been an insomniac for nearly 11 years now. According to the scores on that thing I may think I have a problem but (and I quote from the website) because I'm not dozing off whilst driving then I don't actually need to do anything to fix my sleep patterns.

Right, so it's normal for someone my age to get four hours sleep a night if she's lucky, to wake up at least three times in that space of time and to feel dog tired every single day of her life? And because I'm too good a driver to 'doze off' at the wheel, I don't have a problem?

Am I normal?

Stupid BBC and their stupid programmes... *g*

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