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*fingers crossed*

I did the php coding last night, I actually physically wrote it out onto a sheet of paper so that I'd be less likely to throw in a whole bunch of junk I don't need just for the sake of it, then came back to the computer and typed it all up.

It looks like it works.


So now all I have to do is basic coding of the content and make sure it's all uploaded to the right place and the site could very well be ready for launching within the next couple of days! *bounces excitedly*

The only thing that might hold it up now is lack of time on my part - I didn't spend any time with my sister or her kids last weekend and I only saw then for about twenty minutes earlier this week so I guess I'll be expected to do the whole family duty thing this weekend and I have a scene pencilled in for _end_of_days tonight which I can foresee being quite draining (are we still on for that btw guys?) plus the pile of ironing is threatening to collapse on me again it's so high...

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