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I am sadness personified

I kinda forgot that tomorrow is the big presentation at work. I have two options right now - script it out completely and don't deviate from that script at all, or have bullet points and talk around those unscripted.

In case I haven't mentioned it before (sarcasm!), I hate talking when it's something important like work. Speaking in public scares the crap out of me, it brings back my stutter. I've got the bullet points so far, I know what I need to talk about, but I sat there and tried it out. I waffled so badly I was embarrassed for myself. The tangents I went off on were the most random tangents I've ever seen, even from me.  So I'm thinking scripted might be the way to go, but then how do I disguise the script for a full hour (yeah, the induction thing somehow expanded from twenty minutes to a full hour)?

Of course, I could phone in sick I guess...
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