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slight delay on the site

I really was hoping to have the site ready for launch today and to be truthful it kinda is, but whilst I was in the middle of coding  the content for it (now that the design work is done) I remembered that I had this stupid presentaton to do so I had to start writing that.

It's not done, the site's not done, I rushed out of the house with my hair soaking wet and now it looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards, traffic was a nightmare and what I really didn't want to hear when I got in was how smooth everyone else's journey was. "Oh it was an absolut dream getting in this morning, just sets you up nicely for the day"  yeah? Well I've been in my car for two full hours trying to get 35 miles up the road. Mt journey was not fun today and I'm so not ready for this presentation.

I'd planned on coming in, scripting it out, getting some practice done on it while the office was empty. Nope, no luck on that score. Somehow or other I have to script it, rehearse it, find examples and not fall asleep in the next three hours.

All with a headache.

edit to add and I've just opened my emails to find one from a library user who I tried to help last week saying I hadn't answered her question. I did, she then claimed it wasn't what she'd asked and then said she couldn't find the journal where I told her it was. It's there, I've had two other people look for it and all find it. I didn't reply last week because how do I politely tell a professor she's an idiot? Today I'm physically fighting the urge to email her back and tell her exactly what she can do with her query.

second edit I'm really sorry emeraldswan I haven't had a chance to look at the fic you sent me, I know I promised I'd have it back to you beore the weekend was out - forgive me? And claudia6913 it might be a while before I get a chance to update __touched__ my muse has kinda deserted me there.

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