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Okay, so I really hate speaking in public, makes me ill to think of it to be honest, but over the past month or so we've been running (at my suggestion) an intense refresher training at work. With me doing the training - of course. Thank God for powerpoint is all I can say!

So I get to the end of the training and it's gone pretty well until the biatch who's covering my supervisor's maternity leave sits up at the end and puts this really angry tone of voice on saying "Can I just point this out to you all?" She tried to say everyone had been doing something wrong and that I was really in the wrong for not telling them - but it was her that was wrong and she would not back down!

She made a complete fool of herself and made me stammer - something I haven't done since I was a kid. I hate her. There aren;t many people that I actually hate. She's one of the very few.

Pllus, to top it all, I've literally just found out my email address I use for most of my yahoo groups is BOUNCING!!!! For the second bloody time in two bloody weeks - NO IT BLOODY WELL ISN'T!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Yahoo and Freeserve right now!
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