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So I was just involved in a conversation that had me screaming internally. The student who's visiting today, the reason I'm doing this presentation which is stressing me out so much, has run out of things to do within the Serials part of the department so they want to hand her over to us at 1 o'clock rather than 2.

Fine, not really a problem - I've got my script, everything's good to go (kinda) except I go for lunch at 1 when my boss comes back (she'd already gone by the time they decided they had nothing for the poor girl to do for an hour). So either my boss is going to do the presentation or she's going to do a presentation of her own when I'm not there, probably talk about what I'm planning to talk about and then expect me to fill for an hour and a half. Yes, the timing's gone up again - first it was twenty minutes, then an hour, now an hour and a half.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through this afternoon now - my headache just keeps on getting worse and worse because of all of this crap.

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