the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone


So I took the day off work today to take the car into the insurance-company-approved garage. I left the house at 8.45 to get to the garage around 9.15 ish. Made it in loads of time but have to hang about in the reception for a while - there's an argument going on in the garage because the two parties involved in another 'incident' are both there getting their repairs done and neither of them is accepting liability and they both want their car fixed first.

So I knew it was going to take a while - I may be a woman but I do know the deal with garages (and I know a helluva lot more about cars than I let them know about - sometimes the clueless act helps cut the price, 'specially since I know when they're taking me for a ride). I settled down in the waiting area, help one of the nice gentlemen there work out how to fix the coffee machine, and settle down to do my final pass over emeraldswan's Buffy/Firefly crossover fic before I send it back to her (which I will do today Em!)

Barely one page through it and the mechanic who's shorter than me (and I'm only 5'4") comes up and asks what the damage's like. I describe it to him, even circle it on a little diagram thing and he heads off to take a look.

Another page into the fic and the mechanic comes back.
"Right, so I've taken the pictures and we'll get those sent off to the insurance company." he says.
"So when will it be repaired?" I ask.
"Well we've got a lot of work on," (here comes the shake-down, I'm thinking) "We'll contact you to bring it in, should be within a week."
"You're not taking it in today?"
"We need to get the go-ahead from the insurance company."
"You're the garage they told me to come to, that they'd already agreed to the repairs."
"Yeah, we still have to do it this way though."

Now I've never had to claim on the insurance before, and if it wasn't for the other party I wouldn't be doing it this time either, but should it take this long? Should I have to take another day off work next week or whenever they contact me?


Ah well, at least I'm home now, with my car (which is still driveable - should that 'e' be there? looks odd) and a full day off work to get stuff done.

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