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meme, 'cause I'm bored and not very well

Lifted from rileysaplank but I've seen it around my flist a lot lately. Hey, I was bored and jumped at the chance to look at pretty pictures... I'm shallow, what can I say? (Warning for dial-up users, lots of pictures behind the cut)

Pick TEN people who you could conceivably 'do' right now.
No invented people, no dead people, no 'were attractive in their prime but not now' people.
If they're on your list and you meet them tomorrow, you can do whatever dirty deeds you want with them and whoever you're with isn't allowed to get mad. And if you post your list, post it with pictures, because we could all do with more Teh Hot in our lives!

1 Nick Brendon (c'mon, you're what? Surprised? And look, really recent picture!)

2 Christian Kane (even with the bad hair right now... (btw I think smileawhile took these pictures at the Senior Partners convention last year))

3 Orlando Bloom (can't help the feeling it's a bit like cradle-snatching though!)

4 Alexis Denisof

5 J August Richards

6 Josh Holloway (which is a little odd for me, 'cause blonds don't really do it for me normally *g*)

7 Ben Browder

8 Drew Fuller (again with the cradle-snatching...)

9 Nathan Fillion

10 Brad Pitt (seriously, is there a straight woman out there who wouldn't?)



    Come on, you know you wanna join leverageland! Tell 'em I sent you and you *really* want to join dontcha!

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