the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Spaced fans!

New icon community - spacedchallenge - which I'm planning on pimping as much as possible because Spaced needs a third series! (I saw Jessica doing a really lame sitcom on BBC1 a few weeks ago - we can't have that! We need Tim & Daisy back!)

Anyways, the community is for icons obviously, and I've done some rough drafts of some to enter in this week's contest... only... I don't know which ones to go with or whether to use text on them or not....


(the first and second ones I kinda hate. The 'skip to the end' line is a recurring theme on the show which I thought would fit with the expression on Tim's face but doesn't quite, and I've no idea what text to put on the Daisy one, or if it needs text at all.... Help?)

If you've never seen Spaced, let me give you a really quick run down of it. Tim and Daisy are not a couple, but they're both looking for a flat and find the perfect one which is for 'professional couples only'. So they pose as a couple to rent the flat.

He's a graphic artist who works in a comic book shop and she's a wannabe journalist. Their landlady Marsha is a drunk with a teenage daughter who you only ever see slamming out the front door after having a screaming match with her mum. The downstairs neighbour, Brian, is a conceptual artist who is just... strange! Daisy's best friend Twist works in fashion (in a dry-cleaners) and Tim's best friend Mike is a gun-nut who was kicked out of the Territorial Army for stealing a tank and trying to invade Paris.

The show itself is just so funny it's not fair on other comedy shows, and quite often (as in all the time) features scenes ripped off from films - lots of Matrix, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and loads of others.

It's very strange, hard to define, but funny as hell!

One of these two will be the one I enter, I think... Although there's a two week date because it's the first one... So, what d'you think?

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