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I have high blood sugar, I'm not an insulin dependent diabetic but I do have to watch what I'm doing carefully. I also have to have blood tests quite a lot to make sure I'm doing okay - although I can usually tell when something's not right - anyways, I just got back from the doctor's again because they wanted blood tests done to make sure the flu thing I have isn't anything more serious and to check my sugar levels while they were at it.

It hurt!

Normally it really is just a scratch and a bit annoying, but this really hurt! My arm's still kinda sore from it. The tattoo didn't hurt this much!

I'm a wuss.

On the s7 re-watch, I'm up to Dirty Girls which has a commentary track by Nick Brendon and Drew Goddard. I haven't heard the commentary yet but I'm wondering whether to just watch it without the commentary and go back once I've watched the next four or five episodes since the reason I'm watching the season again is to get an overview of the characterisation (or lack thereof) in the episodes...


Shows how bad I think this season is that I'm considering not watching the commentary doesn't it?
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