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I found the source of the funky smell that's been in my kitchen for days. A potato. Well, it was a potato before it fell down the back of my fridge and liquidised...

My entire house is like a freezer right now, okay so it's still winter and it's Scotland so it's never going to be tropical, but there's still something wrong with my thermostat. When I have the central heating on 'timed' it never heats up properly so I have to switch it to 'on' then hope I remember to switch it off at some point. It's like the temperature thermostat is tied into the timer except it's not...

Speaking of white goods that keep things cold, there's been this strange recurring thing in fic lately. The use of the word frig. I don't think this is a 'nations divided by a common language' UK/US thing, I think it's just a misunderstanding.

Frig is pronounced with a hard 'g' at the end (almost like a 'k' - and I know there's a phonetic way of writing it but I'm too cold to look it up right now) and is used as a 'soft' swearword in certain places. The roots of the word are a term for female masturbation.

Fridge on the other hand, is a shortened form of 'refrigerator' meaning somewhere you keep your milk cold. I've no idea where the extra 'd' comes from but I suspect it may be to stop the confusion with the word 'frig'.

"Willow took a bottle of water from the frig'" conjours up all sorts of mental images which I'm sure the author didn't intend. Please, it's not like I'm asking you to use the missing 'e' in axe here, just please spell it 'fridge'?

Thus endeth the lesson...
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