the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Charmed vs Buffy

So I'm slightly inebriated right now, but I'm watching Charmed.

Not that the two have a connection because I actually have Charmed in my 'series link' thing on auto-view so I'd be watching it anyway.

The good news is that I'm obviously better now because I'm drinking beer again, the slightly odd news is that I'm still watching Charmed.

Anyway. Charisma Carpenter is damn funny in this show. Anyway, the point I was going to make, which I'll probabably look at again in the morning and wonder what the hell was going through my head, was that in spite of my viewing Charmed as being incredibly light-weight and superficial, it's nailed the 'shades of grey' dynamic that BtVS lost somewhere along the line. The 'Big Bad' this season? The avatars. Which Leo is one of. I really hope they don't make these guys obviously 'evil' in the killing/raping/mutilation way - because the creeping insinuation of bad-ness is much more appealing here. The whole 'there is no line between good and evil' thing really appeals to me.

Hell, my LJ name comes from my fascination with Mara Jade, my second favourite character on Buffy/Angel is Faith. Both of them are ambiguous as to which side they're on. I adore the whole Good Girl/Bad Girl dynamic going on with them.

Charmed just saw that same dynamic both with Paige and with CC's character (whose name I didn't catch - I'll have to watch the repeat at the weekend).

I know this might sound sound strange given that I'm a die-hard Xander fan. Xander on BtVS was often seen as the one who saw things in black and white. Good and Evil. I think that's a dis-service to his character to say that's all he was (after all if it was would the long-term Xanya relationship have happened?) A lot of fans of the show write Xander off as being a bigot because of that black&white view he seemed to have. I have issues with that, which I will bring up later, but it's kind of indicative of the later years of the show.

There may seem to be a move towards the shades of grey thing with Spike and his ambiguous soul but overall there was still very much a view of Ultimate Good (Buffy) versus Ultimate Evil (The First).

Charmed seems to be going down the grey route, and hey although I've never been a fashion victim, maybe grey really is the new buzz colour....
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