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I love smileawhile!!!!

Seriously Denise, you are my favourite person ever!

We're gonna see the 'Phonics!!!! Yay!!!!

On a slightly more sober note, I still haven't decided what I'm going to do about the plagiarism thing - thank you guys for your support. Part of the problem is that there was another instance of accused plagiarism which I took a zero tolerance approach to and it turned out to be false. Thankfully both writers involved in that instance were absolute sweethearts about the whole thing and there genuinly doesn't seem to be any bad feeling there.

This guy though, the proven plagiarist, I don't want to jump on him because surely he deserves a second chance. But then I will fully admit my heart sank when I saw him sign up for INAP again. I dunno.

There are rules on the site - you can see them when you post a new story - but I don't have a no plagiarism rule in there because up until this happened I never thought it would be an issue. I need to build something in I think. On the other hand if I pull every author accused of something like this then that could be abused by other people who are targeting writers they don't like for some reason.

I'll mull it over today I think and see what my gut tells me tonight.

Now I'm off to write and work on Moments Lost some more.

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