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Seven in the morning and I've been up for an hour. And it's Saturday. Why? If I had an answer you'd be the second to know (with me being the first obviously...)

So I'm wide awake and just waiting for the shops to open so I can go out and spend some of this hard-earned money. Heh.

In the meantime, really quick updates. Most of you will already know about this by now but for those of you who don't... PYGS is throwing open the doors. bastardsnow and d_tepes little group has grown a huge amount lately and now they're opening it up to allcomers - if you're a writer in any fandom/any character and are interested head on over and join up. Even if you're not a writer there's some bloody good stuff over there already so go join, read, review and all the rest. :)

Mac's done it again, m_mcgregor's new fic Touched actually had me reading a Cordy centric fic and not minding in the slightest! (I like Cordy, I just don't like Cordy fics because there's so many bad ones out there...) Again, go read, review et cetera. (I just realised why the title had been niggling at me - it's the same as the slash story claudia6913 and I are kinda working on (on hiatus right now because I've run out of inspiration, sorry!))

liz_marcs has compiled a list of Dark Xander Fiction Recs so I know what my weekend will be spent doing!

Right, I need coffee now, and hey only an hour and a half till the shops open now...
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