February 13th, 2004

life begins - me

well well, a new start!

Yay! I finally got around to signing up for a livejournal account and here I am! Yay! nothing much going on with me today though - stuck at work for another couple of hours with bugger all to do so I'm wasting time on the net right now...

Just as well I hate my job isn't it!

Okey dokey, so about me (like you're really interested! Go on, pretend you are!) I'm 29, Capricorn, Scottish, Pagan and a huge Buffy fan. I'm working as a librarian right now but my ultimate goal is to be a published writer and to design web pages. I taught myself HTML about a year ago and I'm just beginning to learn the big scary world of JavaScript - I'm currently loving it! So much so that I've just had the best day of work so far because I've developed a few pages for our site and had the most fun with it! (makes me laugh to think that people get paid for doing this - it's so much fun!)

Anyway, I've just set up a little niche for myself to keep track of my Buffy fansites - take a look why dontcha? Obsessed Net Girl - that's me!

I also write fanfic (found at the Stacks Fic site under the name Xander Magnet) and am trying to learn how to make fanart on Photoshop. Pretty much I'm a busy little bee most of the time and I really should be concentrating on getting my newest fic finished (or hey, maybe even one of the *many* works in progress I've got on the go!)

'kay, think that'll do for an intro right now - laters!