February 16th, 2004

life begins - me

the best laid plans and all..

well, remember I said I was going to have this new positive mental attitude about my work? Lasted about an hour! I so hate that place!

Just once it'd be nice to get some thanks for the work I do instead of having everyone dump on me and keep implying I'm not good enough in there.

Onto more fun things, Kels and ASG at BuffyWorld want a VampLindsey fic - think I may have to oblige! Of course that means re-watching some old Angel episodes.... oh the hardships I endure.... *g*
life begins - me


I've got maybe 500 words to write of this chapter of my new fic before I move onto this thing for ASG and Kels and I just cannot get it bloddoy written! Gah!!!

Okay, just had to vent for a bit. Back to normal now.
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