February 24th, 2004

life begins - me


Wow - who knew entertaining would take so much out of you? Right, first off I get to the airport to find Gil trying to put a brave face on but obviously in a helluva lot of pain. Got her in the car and we were headed to my house when she just got worse and worse so we diverted to Crosshouse hospital to get her checked over. Turns out she had gastroenteritis and we were pretty much stuck in the house for most of the weekend.

Still, we got some work done on the sites which was the original idea behind the visit in the first place so all was not lost!

I'm feeling really guilty because we were supposed to meet Andy aka rileysaplank on Saturday but obviously couldn't because of the whole waiting room in hospital thing and it turns out he was waitiing for around an hour for us - so sorry Andy! I really do feel bad about it!

Anyways, Sunday we ended up down at the beach walking my dog - poor Dram lost his tennis ball! It landed in the ocean and he was too much of a coward to go after it - poor thing just kept standing looking out to sea and watching this tennis ball floating away... aw....

Sunday night, lot of wine, lot of crappy movies, lot of mucking about on the computer - who knew Gil was such an acomplished PhotoShop user? Stacks Pix now has three wallpapers she made on Sunday night/Monday morning plus a new banner for the site - I'm much inpressed (and a little jealous!)

Monday - Gil had to fly back mid-afternoon so we actually just ended up shopping until we had to get to the airport - ended up in Ikea of all places!

Monday Night - after I dropped Gil off at Prestwick I had to head home to get ready for the gig I was going to that night - Jamie Cullum. So great! I'm not a band-wagon jumper, I grew up listening to jazz and I absolutley adore the fact that Jamie is bringing it to the fore of UK music again! Good on you son!

The concert itself was excellent, I'd never been to anything in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall except my own graduation ceremony so I wasn't sure what to expect. There were a few staid people there who kept tutting and saying "Shush" all the time but we ended up sitting next to a group of folks who were just there to have a damn good time - it was infectious!

We were up in the circle and when Jamie came on stage he just looked so little - I'm not exactly tall and I felt like I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home! Such a little sweetie!

Highlight for me was when he seamlessly segued from Radiohead's High And Dry into Singing in the Rain and back again - absolutely fantastic! So much fun! Go, see him, go buy his album, go support decent British music!
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