March 2nd, 2004

life begins - me

In shock

The wonderfully talented Brooke over at The Unattainable has just recommended What a Difference a Day Makes to three of the groups I absolutely adore! The irony about it is that Ozmandayus posts to all of those groups and since his stories inspired to try my hand at some B/X fics it's like a big circle.

I've never had a fic rec for one of my stories before so I'm very much on a high right now. I adore the folks at BBBFic but I always have this nagging feeling that since it's my group they feel they have to be nice to my stories so to have a complete stranger, and one I admire at that, say one of my stories is "really great" just makes my week!

And smhwpfrileysaplank and claudia6913 please don't think I'm negating your opinions at all - I don't mean that at all, your feedback is always great and soul-affirming!
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