March 11th, 2004

life begins - me

it's one of *those* days today

So I slept in this morning and didn't manage to get topics done for the BBB for "Harm's Way" yet, my dog decides to be a grumpy little sod and growl every time I move, I have no work clothes ironed so I ended up putting on a pair of heavy cotton combats and a ratty old t-shirt, the milk's gone sour so I don't get a chance to have a coffee first thing and by the time I discover that I'm running late.

I get to work and decide to stop at Starbucks for a caffeine hit and as I'm reaching into my pocket to pay the guy there's a really ominous sounding rip. My combats now have a six inch long tear right down the seam on the left, just at hip level. Manage to get to work without too much embarrasment but as I come in I spill the still scalding hot coffee onto my leg. I borrow a miniature sewing kit from my boss (what kind of person actually carries one of those around with them?) and bend the needle almost immediately because the material's too tough. Finally manage to get some safety pins and now I look like a skater punk - black combats held together with safety pins is so not my normal look!

Then, I head on over to the student dining hall to eat lunch (it's the closest place to the library) drop my bag and everything rolls out of it in full view of a whole bunch of students.

This is such a bad day right now!