March 15th, 2004

life begins - me

Random stuff

Slept in again this morning and forgot to leave anything out of the freezer for dinner tonight so I'm contemplating a cheese omlette right now because it's about the only thing I've got the makings of in the house right now! Ah well, I like cheese omlette's but I can't be bothered making it... maybe when I get *really* hungry!

Just got pointed towards a *really* funny BtVS story Frailty, Thy Name Is Joss - definitely not one for the Spuffy fans or those without a sense of humour!

Finally, I convinced Denise to sign up for an LJ account - head on over and say hi! smileawhile

Right, got to get on with some writing now - final edit of WaDaDM pt 2 coming up!
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life begins - me


Okay, so I figured out how to post these directly onto a message! Yay! Here's the static icons I've made so far!

Made for my own use - give me a shout if you want one!
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life begins - me


It's taken me until almost the end of this episode to realise who the guy in this is! It's Holland Manners! I guess seeing him as a caring father-figure was what was throwing me!

This is such a great show - why is it buried away on a nothing network at a silly time?
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