March 26th, 2004

life begins - me


Weird isn't it, how you don't notice someone's absence until they come back? The biatch boss wasn't at work yesterday and I never even noticed. She's been in the office for around five minutes so far today and already I'm fuming.

Okay, so I know I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to her, I know I'm a little hyper-sensitive, but really? How can one person bring down the atmosphere so quickly?

Guess I should get back to work then and not think about how a song I heard on the way to work this morning is the perfect soundtrack for the next part of WaDaDM!

Now he's back to rekindle that old flame
he's got a different angle, baby
But he's playing the same old game

Baby, don't be the victim of a foolish heart
Don't let his lies get next to you
he's just trying to tear us apart
And he's trying to make me, to make me a victim too
Don't be a victim
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life begins - me

Decisions decisions

Right, I'm biting the bullet and am going to pay for my webspace from now on. I'm fed up with Geocities drop-downs and pop-ups so I'm going to have my own little space which is all mine. Yay!

So I'm stuck on a name for it right now. I don't want it limited to Buffy because there's too many Buffy-type names out there at the moment, I'd like it unique and memorable as well so... Here's the ones I've come up with so far - any comments, favourites, suggestions would be very welcomed!

temptation-waits (from the Garbage song of the same name)
tears-in-rain (from BladeRunner and the title of one of my fics)
lost-in-time (also from BladeRunner)
moments-lost (and again from BladeRunner!)

What d'you think then?
life begins - me

Pimping the icons!

There's a lot of icon makers out there in the wonderful world of LJ, and there's probably just about as many icon making communities - one of the latest is episodicbuffy which, as the name suggests, is an icon making community running challenges for episodes of Buffy.

Every week a new episode will be selected and the members are invited to make icons based on that episode for the others to vote on. This week's episode is "Consequences" and so far there are only three entries when we need a quorum of ten.

So, if you're interested in making icons, or even if you just want to see what others have made - go join now!

(I've entered a couple already but they won't be posted until they're ready to start voting!)
life begins - me

more quizzes!

Yes, I have a million and one things to do - not least of which is setting up the new site (after of course deciding on the name!!!) - but of course, I'm doing quizzes.... Damn Quizilla!!!

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